Applying for Bulgarian citizenship – the legal caveats

Legal compliance when applying for Bulgarian citizenship. Criminal responsibility for false declaration, “exotic” (illegal?) investment schemes and sham marriages.

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Bad reviews on Facebook, Google, eBay, etc. – how to seek legal compensation under Bulgarian and EU laws

If you believe that you got unfair and defamatory review on public online domain, you should take action immediately against those who have left the comments. The EU regulations are now providing the opportunity to sue for reputation damages and to even engage criminal responsibility for libel and defamation against the perpetrators. Our lawyers have huge experience in such cases and will assist you to obtain the maximum compensation by law.

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Alexander Dobrinov @ Uglobal webinar Vietnam

Alexander Dobrinov – panelist at uglobal webinar for Vietnam. Discussing with his colleagues from Canada, Malta, Greece and Cyprus on the topic – Citizenship vs Residency, which is better?

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