Coronavirus alert for Bulgarian citizenship candidates

Urgent alert to our clients who have scheduled interview for Bulgarian citizenship between March 17th and April 13th 2020.

The Bulgarian government is taking new measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Please read more about the latest statement by the Ministry of Justice.

In short, all procedures related to the applicants’ final application for Bulgarian citizenship are put on hold until April 13th, 2020.

All other procedures (that are required to be carried out prior to the final citizenship application) remain out of the scope of the measures. Such procedures are for example investments, permanent residency applications, visa D, etc.

We will be assisting all our clients who are affected by the above measures to reschedule their citizenship interview at the soonest possible date after 13.04.2020.

We remain fully at the disposal for all our clients, including those of countries with high risk of coronavirus infection (ie China, Iran).

For any information or need for assistance, please contact us at once.

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